How Addiction Affects Families

Addiction affects more than just the addicted. In fact, addiction affects all of those who love and care about the person addicted to drugs or alcohol, especially the family. The family is the one closest to the addicted. Sometimes, it’s the family that suffers just as much as the one addicted to a substance.

Addiction is about much more than just the substance you are addicted to. Addiction affects the way you think, act, and behave. Because of these things, those closest to you are affected. When the drug addict has a sudden mood outburst, the family is affected. Addiction can also make a person become violent. That kind of behavior obviously affects a family.

When a family member knows their loved one has a problem with addiction, they become preoccupied with the addict’s behavior. They start looking at every time the addict has a drink or takes a drug. They start to wonder where they are when they aren’t home and worry about their safety. This becomes very dangerous for a family, because when one person is preoccupied with another, the rest of the family is neglected.

Addiction also causes a lot of stress on family members. Stress leads people to have a compromised immune system, allowing more sickness to enter in. Stress may also cause others to be on edge, prompting more arguments in the home. The stress of worrying about the addict ends up changing the family dynamic.

The old saying, “I’m only hurting myself” simply isn’t true when it comes to addiction. Families suffer as well as the addict.